Architectural, Product and Culinary Photography

Architectural, Product and Culinary Photography in Southeastern and Central Wisconsin and Northern Illinois.

Make a Statement with Professional Photography

First Impressions are Everything

A company’s products are its lifeblood. In the digital age, companies rely on photography to communicate a product’s value to shoppers.

Consumers consider image quality to be an important factor when making a purchase online. Even for businesses with  brick and mortar storefronts, professionally crafted images of products can help bring more visitors through the door.

Great food photographs set the stage for the diner’s experience engaging the senses with vivid colors and textures. Capture the mouth watering appeal of your menu items for your website or marketing campaign.

Residential real estate photography helps increase the interest of homebuyers. According to real estate analysis site, properties that include professional photography in their listings typically sell at or above their asking price, and within a shorter time period compared with listings using amateur snapshots or no images at all.

Commercial real estate owners can similarly benefit from professionally crafted photos showcasing the their properties to potential tenants, and help business owners find the perfect spot to set up shop.

About Freshwater Photography

Freshwater Photography is the commercial division of Janviere Photography, based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Photographer Jennifer Janviere has experience lighting and documenting a diverse range of subjects, both on location and in the studio. She has worked with both local and national clients, including Getty Images, Harley Davidson, Marquette University, Edible Milwaukee, Alcoholmanac, Zilber Ltd. and Homes by Towne Realty.

Freshwater Photography is available for consultations and bookings in Southeastern and Central Wisconsin, as well as Northern Illinois.